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We are constantly working to improve our gym as well as all of those around us. As with most gyms, our members do not all have the same goals and objectives for working out. From professional athletes, to mom’s who just want to lose some weight and get back in shape, and everywhere in between, we are able to help you meet your goals. Don’t let another day go by without setting up an appointment or just stopping by and seeing all we have to offer. Come to Headhunters where your goals become our goals, and we can all get fit together. See you soon!


Headhunter CrossFit

Staying fit just got easier!

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No matter where you are in fitness, Headhunters CrossFit has a place for you.

Headhunter Schedule

We will be hosting the 1st CrossFit Open WOD this Saturday. The times are 11, 1130, & 12. As of right now, 4 athletes per time slot. To register for a time slot, call the gym or email me by Friday at 6pm.